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Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey offers programs for individual girls, school based programs, family programs and Girls Inc. identity programs.

Programs for Individual Girls
Project Forward
Summer Sisters
Saturday Sisters
Family Based Programs
Services to Children in their Own Homes (SCOH)
LOVE & LIMITS: Strengthening Families Program

School Based Programs

Project Self
School Sisters
Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy
Will Power/Won't Power

Girls Inc.® Identity Programs

Operation S.M.A.R.T.
Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy
Will Power/Won't Power

Discovery Leadership
Friendly PEERsuasion
Economic Literacy
Sporting Chance
Girls Inc.® Project BOLD


Project Forward - A prevention program for adolescent girls, offers girls and their families a five day/week after school program, home based family counseling, and adjunct services in order to help girls and their families promote school attendance and safe health behaviors. Girls and their families are referred to Project FORWARD through truancy court and/or family court.

Summer Sisters - is a fun and exciting day camp for girls ages 10-14. Summer Sisters offers girls the opportunity to experience Summer in the City, with a special emphasis on art and outdoor education, with field trips and activities designed to empower girls and promote high self-esteem. Offered in two-week sessions, the Summer Sisters program provides girls with the opportunity to make new friends and participate in a variety of fun and positive activities.

Saturday Sisters - is a recreation program for girls ages 7-11. This program is designed to build socialization skills in a fun and safe environment. Saturday Sisters offers girls the opportunity to interact with volunteer mentors in a group setting. Saturday Sisters promotes high self-esteem, cultural literacy and the creative arts. The program is offered twice a month, in Center City Philadelphia.


Project Self
Self-reliance through Example, Learning, and Fun provides life skills workshops for girls and boys with physical and sensory disabilities. Project SELF provides school-based job readiness training and then places participants in paid summer employment in order to enable teens to make a successful transition from school to work.

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School Sisters: A school-based mentoring program designed as a collaboration of undergraduate women, middle schools, and Girls Inc. staff. College women attending several area colleges and universities volunteer as mentors at local public schools. The volunteer college students meet with the girls once a week at school, after the regular school day ends. The focus in these meetings is on providing help in academic studies and special projects in order to raise achievement levels, improve self-esteem, and raise career and educational expectations. The program also includes field trips to the college of the participating volunteers, group sessions with the volunteers with icebreakers and relationship building exercises, and memory books for the school sisters to record their activities, feelings, and thoughts for the future.

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy Will Power/Won't Power: bolsters girls' communication skills as well as their motivation and resources for being in charge of their sexual health and avoiding teen pregnancy. (See identity programs for more details.) This program targets 7th and 8th grade girls. The girls meet in structured workshops led by Girls Inc. trainers once a week. The workshops are offered during school hours in lieu of health classes, and uses the Girls Inc.® Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy® Will Power/Won't Power® curriculum.

Project Step: School-based Training and Education Partnership between Girls Inc. and area schools that enroll youth with physical and sensory disabilities. Most teens with disabilities are overlooked in the youth development programs, so they rarely get a chance to just talk to each other about being a TEEN. Project STEP addresses this isolation by coming to their schools and leading discussions around healthy sexual development, pregnancy prevention, personal safety, and life skills. Because so few programs work with teens with disabilities, this program enrolls both boys and girls ages 12-17. The program staff are fluent in American Sign Language for those students who are deaf.

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Services to Families in their Own Home (SCOH): An intensive in-home counseling program to prevent child abuse in high-risk families. A social worker from Girls Inc. visits the family at their home for up to three hours a week. A family profile assessment is created to pinpoint the greatest areas of need as well as the family’s strengths. Together, the Girls Inc. social worker and the parenting adult draw up a plan of action that both must sign. Although the plan is tailored to each family, most common are assistance, referral, and direct support to achieve treatment for drug and alcohol addiction; home management skills like budgeting, wise shopping, and nutrition; and parenting skills. Special needs children are incorporated into this program, for nearly 50% of the children have learning disabilities or mental health issues. We employ a psychologist to do on-site assessments so we can advocate for the most appropriate school setting for the children and appropriate care for the adult. Due to the rising number of pre-teens entering the child welfare system, we have a specialty practice for serving parents of preteens.

LOVE & LIMITS: Strengthening Families Program: for girls ages 10-14 and their parents/caregivers. This program provides services for adults facing parenting challenges as well as sessions for girls to learn how to effectively communicate with their primary caregiver. GirlSMART is our newest program to address the unmet needs of parents of pre-adolescent girls. GirlSMART is offered to the general parenting population helping to strengthen families and “equalize the playing field” for girls in the city of Philadelphia.

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Operation S.M.A.R.T. - Hands On activity in Math and Science, Technology and Engineering. Encourages girls to be curious, ask questions, builds girls' skills and interest in science, math, and technology. Hands-on activities give girls ages 6 to 18 the opportunity to explore, ask questions, and solve problems.

Girls Inc. Media Literacy - encourages girls to think critically about media messages and fosters their awareness of the power of the media and its effects on girls.

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy Will Power/Won't Power  - Nationally recognized as one of the few research-based programs addressing the prevention of teen pregnancy. Program helps girls ages 9 to 18 identify ways and reasons to avoid early pregnancy. The program fosters girls' communication skills as well as their motivation and resources for being in charge of their sexual health and avoiding teen pregnancy. Provides basic health education, and encourages girls to plan for the future through four age-appropriate components: Growing Together(SM), Will Power/Won't Power and Taking Care of Business

Girls Inc. Discovery Leadership - builds leadership skills and creates lasting social change by partnering girls and women in community action projects chosen by girls. Ages 9-11


Girls Inc. Friendly PEERsuasion - Substance Abuse Prevention and Education program. Builds girls' skills for resisting pressure to use harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, household chemicals and other drugs. The two-part substance abuse prevention program teaches girls ages 11 to 14 healthy ways to manage stress and confront peer, media and other pressures. The girls then assume roles as PEERsuaders for younger girls ages 6 to 10

Girls Inc. Economic Literacy - Introduces girls to basic economic and financial literacy, including money management, investment and global economics. The program explores how money affects us locally and globally as it fosters development of the skills needed to be financially self-sufficient. Ages 6-18


Girls Inc. Project Bold - Violence Prevention/Self-Defense, Self-Reliance and Life Skills. Strengthens girls' abilities to lead safer lives by developing strategies for self-defense (including physical techniques), seeking out caring adults to help with personal violence, and advocating on violence issues. Girls ages 6 to 18. Age-appropriate components include Kid-Ability! (Kid Jr.), Action for Safety(SM) and Taking Action.

Girls Inc. Sporting Chance - Builds movement and athletic skills, cooperative and competitive spirits, health awareness, and interest in all sports as girls explore the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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